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#1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair is locally owned and independently operated.  The Owner / technician has served in a “public trust” position for over 25 years…

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Assembly repair services include residential, Commercial & Industrial assembly testing, annual certification, diagnostics & repairs, freeze prevention, theft deterrent, and vandalism protection.

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Welcome to

#1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair!

Southern Arizona’s premier backflow testing, certifying and repair authority

Our Mission Statement

Protecting public health by protecting the drinking water through testing & certifying properly functioning backflow assemblies while delivering the WOW in service.

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Backflow Prevention Assembly

Backflow Prevention Assembly means an assemblance of one (1) or more body components including shutoff valves that has been approved by the Foundation for Cross- Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at the University of Southern California.

Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester

Backflow prevention assembly tester (registered) means a person who is currently certified by an authority recognized in the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality regulations and is approved and registered with appropriate municipalities to test, repair, and maintain backflow prevention assemblies.

Cross-Connection Protection

Cross-connection protection means the degree of protection against cross-connections existing between the public water supplies and private plumbing systems.


Testing means an authorized procedure to determine the operational and functional status of a backflow prevention assembly.

Test Equipment

Test equipment shall be maintained and calibrated annually by an agency approved by local authorities as required by the cross connection manual. A copy of the annual equipment calibration certificate shall be submitted to designated local authorities to maintain equipment registration and certification. Test equipment for testing backflow prevention assemblies in specific water service areas shall be registered with and approved by local water authorities. Test equipment used on anything other than potable water backflow prevention assemblies shall not be used to test such assemblies and shall be identified as non-potable test equipment.

“As a USAF Veteran and retired LEO, we proudly support our military and first responders”