Annual Backflow Testing by #1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair

Annual Backflow Testing

#1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair specializes in Annual Backflow Testing.

Looking for an Annual Backflow Testing or Backflow Repair Service?  You have found the right place.

With our state of the art backflow testing software, we schedule your test, complete the paperwork, and often upload the results and send an invoice with a pay link before we even leave your property!

Annual Backflow Testing is not typically required on homes, but it is not unheard of either. Because reclaimed water is being delivered to properties within the Gladden Farms and Civano neighborhoods for irrigation, they are an exception and have backflow prevention devices at each residence to protect the public water source from any potential contamination. However, most backflow assemblies are found on commercial buildings or within common area and HOA landscaping. The local water companies notify water account holders who have backflow devices that require to be tested.

Backflow Certification

#1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair performs your backflow test and electronically submits your compliance test results right on the spot!

#1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair is certified by All American Backflow Prevention and maintains certification through continued education.

Our state of the art software allows us to schedule, route, test, invoice, report, record, and file your annual backflow test compliance report in a matter of clicks, completing most of the testing package before we even drive away! Following our scheduled visit, you will receive two e-mails. The first will contain a secure payment link through Stripe ® and an attached PDF invoice detailing work performed. Once paid, the second will be sent containing the PDF compliance report which will have also been reported to the appropriate water authority.

Annual Backflow Certification by #1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair
Backflow Repair by #1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair

Backflow Repair

#1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair also provides Backflow Repair Services.

If your Backflow assembly fails the test and a thorough cleaning does not bring the backflow assembly into compliance, then upon prior notification and customer approval we will perform the necessary backflow repair to the system. After the backflow repair is performed, a re-test for certification will be performed at no additional cost and the technician will give you all replaced parts for your disposal.

Our backflow assembly test / repair services and pricing are very competitive. Each backflow device test is analyzed carefully, repairs is are done diligently using the highest industry standards and all with consideration to the overall expense of maintaining operational compliance.

Area of Service

#1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair Services Tucson and Surrounding Areas

We service Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, Catalina, Vail Green Valley, Corona de Tucson, South Tucson, Sahuarita, Three Points, Avra Valley and Red Rock!

Schedule your appointment today!

Annual Backflow Testing by #1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair
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