Why does my Gladden Farm home have a backflow prevention assembly devise?

Because it is currently receiving non-potable water from CMID (Cortaro-Marana Irrigation District).

WHAT IS BACKFLOW? Backflow is the undesired reversal of water flow against normal direction, which can cause contaminants to enter into the drinking water supply system. Backflow prevention devices, or assemblies, are used to protect potable drinking water from contaminants and pollutants. There are two causes for backflow: back-pressure and back-siphonage.

WHy IS A BACKFLOW Assembly important? To prevent such incidents like the one below:

Possible cause for brain-eating ameoba contamination

Posted: Thu 5:28 PM, Sep 03, 2015

STERLINGTON, La (KNOE 8 News) – Community concern runs high as water treatment continues tonight for a brain eating amoeba found in a local water system.

Severn Trent is the consulting firm in charge of the water in the affected areas. Project Manager Jason Moss says they are doing what they can to treat the water and investigate the cause.

“One of the concerns that we have that could be a potential source of the amoeba is what is called a cross connection where a customer tied his home water to supply to the irrigation water supply,” Moss explained.

Which, Moss says, can have dangerous results.

“And you have an opportunity for contamination to get into the water system,” he said.

Tommy Sparks says they are investigating more houses for similar cases of cross connection.

“I’ve obtained a firm in Baton Rouge, an engineering firm to make a survey of all homes on the bayou in this area to determine if there is any cross connection,” Sparks said.

Sena Clark has lived in Sterlington for four years and understands why people are concerned, but says it’s something she has gotten used to.

“I don’t think it is a huge concern. I mean our water has always had impurities in it before and we’re just fine,” she said.

Bayou Desiard in Monroe has tested positive for the amoeba.

Moss says they are currently shocking the water with chlorine and once the proper levels are reached they must be maintained for 60 days before the water can be re-tested by the state.

WHERE CAN BACKFLOW ASSEMBLIES BE FOUND? Backflow assemblies are typically found in commercial and industrial buildings, buildings three stories or more, multi-family residences, and homes where there is more than one source of water like untreated well water. Marana is unique in that there are several neighborhoods where non-potable irrigation water is provided by the Cortaro-Marana Irrigation District (CMID), which requires a backflow assembly to prevent irrigation water from entering the potable drinking water system. These assemblies require annual testing to ensure the community water system is continually protected.

Who is responsible for testing backflow assemblies? The person or home owner responsible for the water service with Marana Water is responsible for the annual testing of the assembly by a Marana Water certified tester such as #1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair, 520-906-7140. Keep in mind that not all testers will repair faulty backflow assemblies like #1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair does so make sure that you ask prior to hiring a Marana Water certified tester otherwise a new test will most likely need to be performed prior to repairs being done by the new contractor **If the backflow assembly is not tested or testing properly, it could lead to disconnection of the POTABLE water supply until the assembly is in compliance.

how can i tell if my backflow test passed? A copy of the compliance test results from a certified tester like #1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair, 520-906-7140 indicating the results will be provided after the test is completed. In general, the check #1 valve should have a pressure over 5 pounds per square inch differential (PSID), check valve #2 should close tightly, and the relief port should open at a value greater than 2.0 psid.

What to do when a backflow assembly fails. If a failing test is received, the assembly should be repaired or replaced within 7 days of the failed test date. Contact #1 Annual Backflow Certification & Repair, 520-906-7140 or any other Marana Water certified backflow tester to inquire if they provide repair services. If replacement is the only solution, a permit is required from Marana Water. Permits must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the new assembly installation to schedule the required staff inspection. There is a $35 permit fee, and a passing test is required upon installation.




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